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🎮 GAME PROP - Gun Scifi Holodix Game Ready

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Gun Scifi Ready For Your Game!

Are you an indie game developer or have plans to make your own video game? If so, we've got just what you need! This sci-fi gun is perfect for a wide variety of games and we know it will help bring yours to life. This 3D model is fully detailed and textured. If you are working on any project related to games and need a gun, then this one is perfect for you!

From a concept by Eldar Safin

🎮 Game Ready

3D Model Lowpoly with optimized textures and materials, this 3D model will have optimal performance in a game engine.

What are the unique aspects of this product?

  • It is a game-ready 3D model of a Scifi Gun.
  • It has high-resolution textures that are PBR-compatible.
  • It has optimal performance in game engine

Who are the target audiences of this product?

  • Game Devs and 3D Artists who need low-poly models that are optimised for real-time game engines.
  • Game Devs and 3D Artists who want a 3d model ready for their game.
  • Scifi-themed enthusiasts who want to add a 3d model to their library

Rifle Scifi 3D Model ready for VR/AR and games or other applications

✔️ 4K PBR Textures Included

✔️ Non Overlapping UV Layout Map Resolution: up to 4096x4096px

✔️ Polycount Vertices: 6518 | Faces: 6295 | Triangles: 13004

✔️ Compatible with Unity & Unreal

✔️ Made with ❤️ with Blender

✔️ Scaled to real world size

4K PBR Textures Included

All textures are included to be used with the PBR Workflow Metallic-Roughness (Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, AO) and have the following dimensions: 4096x4096 px, 2048x2048px, 1024x1024px, 512x512px

Textures included for:

✔️ Blender

✔️ PBR Metallic-Roughness Workflow

✔️ Unity Standard

✔️ Unity HD Render Pipeline (Standard Metallic)

✔️ Unreal

🔥 With the purchese you get:

✔️ Gun SciFi 3D Model Textured (13K Triangles)

✔️ Files Blend, FBX, OBJ

✔️ Textures 4K, 2K, 1K, 512 for Blender, Unity and Unreal

Separated Components

✔️  Separate components for easy animation and rigging

👍 Compatible with Unity and Unreal

✔️ Made with ❤️ with Blender

✔️ Scaled to real world size

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45K Triangles
UV Mapping
Yes (non-overlapping)

🎮 GAME PROP - Gun Scifi Holodix Game Ready

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