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🎨 SBSAR - Realistic 3D Street Material

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SBSAR - Realistic 3D Street Material: Enhanced Realism with Variable Elements

Boost your 3D landscapes with our PBR Realistic Street with Variable Elements SBSAR material. Create ultra-realistic streets with adjustable parameters like dirt, water, cigarettes, and dry leaves. Perfectly compatible with leading 3D modeling software, it's ideal for real-time game development and animations. Bring ultimate realism to your digital creations now with this transformative PBR material 🎨!

🔥What's included with the purchase

✔️ SBSAR File with Exposed Parameters (Dirt, Water, Cigarettes, Dry Leaves)

🎛️ Realistic Street with Variable Elements: Exposed Parameters

✔️ Control of the water level on the ground 💧

✔️ Control of the amount of dirt

✔️ Quantity of cigarettes and dry leaves 🍂

🔌Plugin Installation

To utilize the SBSAR file with Blender, Unity, or Unreal Engine in your Terrain 3D projects, download and install the following plugins from Adobe:

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Blender -

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Unity -

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Unreal -

❔ Support

For all inquiries or challenges, I stand ready to assist.

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🎨 SBSAR - Realistic 3D Street Material

0 ratings
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