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🎨 SBSAR - Realistic 3D Clayish Terrain Material

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SBSAR - Realistic 3D Clayish Terrain Material: Enhanced Realism with Dynamic Elements

Elevate your 3D environments with our PBR Realistic Clayish Terrain with Dynamic Elements SBSAR material. Craft ultra-realistic earthen surfaces with adjustable parameters such as water, mud, and grime. Fully compatible with top-tier 3D modeling software, it's tailor-made for real-time game development and animations. Infuse unparalleled realism into your digital projects now with this groundbreaking PBR material 🎨!

🔥 What's Included in the Purchase

✔️ SBSAR File with Exposed Parameters (Water, Mud, Grime)

🎛️ Clayish Terrain with Dynamic Elements: Exposed Parameters

✔️ Control of the water level on the terrain 💧

✔️ Adjust the amount of mud

✔️ Modify the grime quantity

🔌Plugin Installation

To utilize the SBSAR file with Blender, Unity, or Unreal Engine in your Terrain 3D projects, download and install the following plugins from Adobe:

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Blender -

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Unity -

✔️ Substance 3D Addon for Unreal -

Royalty-Free Commercial Use License

Upon purchasing this 3D asset from 3DSkillUp, you receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license for personal and commercial use. You may use the Asset in any media, including games, films, animations, ads, and digital art, and modify it as needed for your projects, with no additional fees. You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the Asset as a standalone file, include it in asset libraries or stock media collections, or claim ownership, even if modified. All rights to the Asset remain with 3DSkillUp. No attribution is required but appreciated. This license terminates if you violate its terms. 3DSkillUp is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the Asset. The Asset is provided "as is." 3DSkillUp may update this license. Changes take effect upon posting on our website. By purchasing and using the Asset, you agree to these terms.

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🎨 SBSAR - Realistic 3D Clayish Terrain Material

0 ratings
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